Avail Eco Friendly Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Services in Auckland

Regular cleaning of your beautiful rugs and upholstery can be very painful and time consuming. So the best way to keep your furniture fabrics and rugs free from spots or stains you should acquire the services of renowned cleaning specialists who will skillfully extract the dirt and grime. Auckland is famous for its highly qualified cleaning doctors and experts who employ cutting edge technology and natural cleaning detergents to flush out the unwanted filth, stains, spots and other dirty debris. Very professional in their work, the cleaning experts strictly adhere to the principles of punctuality and dedicated customer service with 100% guarantee.

Generally an uncleaned rug or an upholstery serves as a home ground for dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, allergens and odor producing micro-organisms. With the help of effective hot steam/hot water extraction process the soil and dirt stuck on your rugs and upholstery will loosen up and will be effectively flushed out in the most eco friendly manner. Hot water extraction is an excellent remedy for cleaning carpets and rugs as without the use of abrasive brushing you can extract out filth and grime and provide healthy and cleaner looking rugs and carpets for a long span of time. While cleaning rugs, a prior color fastening test is conducted so that the beauty and brightness of rugs is retained without any spots or stains.

rug cleaning auckland.jpg

Furniture fabrics, elegant designer carpets and rugs enhance the aesthetic aura of the house but when the same rugs and upholstery starts emitting bad, foul smelling odor then the entire environment gets disrupted. So high quality deodorizer are applied to scatter fragrance and remove bad odor. In the field of rug cleaning  Auckland, with its expert rug doctors provide free spot treatments and also make sure that the carpets, rugs and upholstery are clean dry without any soap residue. Not only acclaimed in Rugs and Upholstery Cleaning Auckland  is also famous for its specialized carpet cleaning, stain removal, pest control and other remarkable quality services. Improve the air quality of your house or office with professional rugs and upholstery cleaning.


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