Why Steam Cleaning is the Most Recommended Carpet Cleaning Method in Auckland

Your expensive carpets deserve some good pampering once in a while. Since, they ensure the sophisticated and regal look of your homes, you must hire the best cleaning service in town to extend their shelf-life. But, are you truly aware of the cleaning methods that these rug cleaning services in Auckland use? Though there are several standard as well as unconventional ways of cleaning carpets, steam carpet cleaning is the best way a carpet can be cleaned to restore its natural aura.

carpet cleaning.jpg

What is steam carpet cleaning?

It is an intense carpet cleaning method which is equivalent to hot water extraction. However, the use of steam is done in great quantities. A heavy truck-water extraction unit forces steam into the carpet under very high pressure. The dirt is then sucked out resulting in cleaning all the bacteria, mold, dust mites and thus giving your carpet the healthiest treatment it deserves. There is no soapy residue left in the strands of the carpets. Also, the high pressure steam goes to the very base of the fibers and removes all the deeply embedded dirt.

What are the biggest advantages of this cleaning method?

Though the traditional shampooing method is still the most widely circulated method of cleaning carpets, steam cleaning is better accepted among the leading rug cleaning Auckland companies because it removes all the harmful pollutants quickly and easily. Steam cleaning removes dirt and allergens like no other.

Floor fibres should be cleaned often because the pollutants found indoors are hundred times more dangerous than those found outdoor. The usual vacuuming method only removes the external dust particles and thus things like pet hair, dust particles, termites, allergens and several others. You would be able to keep your kids and pets safe.

This method incorporates less use of harmful chemicals that might pollute the air or cause skin abrasions on those who walk over them. Steam cleaning is extremely organic and removes contaminants naturally without using too many chemicals.


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